Sep 10 / Simcha

The Impact of Different Parenting Styles (Part II)

Baumrind’s initial study and the many studies that have followed have led to the following (broadly described) conclusions about the impact of these different parenting styles.

Authoritarian parents raise children who are likely to be conscientious, obedient and proficient, though not necessarily happy. These children often suffer from low-self-esteem and are prone to depression and guilt, and to acting out in adolescence.

Authoritative parents raise children who are likely to be successful, articulate, intelligent, happy with themselves and generous with others; they are more likely to be liked by teachers and peers.

Permissive parents raise children who are likely to rank low in self-control and self-regulation; their inadequate emotional regulation makes them more immature, more likely to experience problems with authority and to have trouble forming friendships.

Uninvolved parents tend to produce children who lack self-control, have low self-esteem and are less competent than their peers.