May 29 / Simcha

Why We Too Often Marry the Wrong Person (A. de Botton) 

Credit: Marion Fayolle (click on image to view  sequence of four images)

Many of the young couples who come to see me are terrified at the 50% divorce statistic and are seeking the answer to avoiding it. The best answer is, of course, to marry the right person. The question arises repeatedly: Why do so many of us make mistakes?

Swiss-born, British-based philosopher and award-winning television personality Alain de Botton writes and presents on contemporary themes, among them the process of falling in and out of love. The following piece is an excerpt from a recent NYTimes article in which De Botton attempts to explain why so many of us marry the wrong person.

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Feb 19 / Simcha

Definition of Love (Dr. Seuss)


So maybe it’s all about acceptance. If we understand our partner’s particular brand of “weirdness,” it is easier to be accepting. In a reframing of the author/illustrator’s use of the term “weirdness,” we are speaking about the way each of us is socialized, wounded or made vulnerable, causing us to behave, react and interact the way we do.

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