Jul 10 / Simcha

Redefining Success and Celebrating the Ordinary (A. Tugend)

In a recent New York Times article (6.30.2012), journalist and author Alina Tugend suggests that, at a time when young people are exhorted and expected to be exceptional, there may be something to say for the virtues of being unremarkable.  The following is a selection from her piece.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ordinary and extraordinary lately. All year, my sons’ school newsletters were filled with stories about students winning prizes for university-level scientific research, stellar musical accomplishments and statewide athletic laurels.

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Jul 09 / Simcha

Did Krugman Go to Economics Camp? (Thoughts on "You’re Not Special")

Excessive parental path-charting is one of my pet peeves. I work with so many clients who struggle with the consequences of such charting:  unrelenting anxiety about not being exceptional, not being the best, not being good enough, not properly achieving the “shoulds” that lead to success. I explore with them what a successful life might look like for them, and the different ways they can get there.

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