Mar 27 / Simcha

When to Let Go (M. Kirshenbaum)

Many partners find themselves in a dreadful state of ambivalence, unable to decide whether the positive aspects of their relationship sufficiently outweigh the negative aspects to warrant staying.

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Nov 10 / Simcha

On Neediness and Eroticism (E. Perel)

perelIn the TED talk shared below, psychotherapist/sex therapist Esther Perel presents with her usual brilliantly nuanced approach to love, sex and desire.  She notes that our era is the first time in human history that couples are looking to sustain love and desire across decades; in that quest, they often “ask of one person what was once asked of an entire village.”

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Oct 10 / Simcha

Lust Diminishes, but Love Remains (E. Svoboda)

Good relationships are vital for a healthy life. And healthy connections provide some of the best opportunities to grow in meaningful ways.  In a lovely piece entitled Lessons For Living in the most recent edition of Psychology Today, Elizabeth Svoboda proposes five principles for living, loving, and playing well with others.

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