Dec 10 / Simcha

The Conscious Relationship (H. Hendrix)

heartsHarville Hendrix, author of the best-selling Getting the Love you Want (1988), and founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, coined the term “conscious marriage,” referring to a relationship that fosters maximum psychological and spiritual growth. Such a relationship, he taught, can be created by “becoming conscious” of, and consciously cooperating with, the fundamental strivings of the unconscious mind for safety, healing and wholeness. How does one do this?

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Aug 12 / Simcha

How Do I Know Mine is a Healthy Relationship?

Montreal psychotherapist Rhonda Rabow discusses what is reasonable to expect from a healthy relationship and what is asking too much.  What behaviors, she asks, are red lights to be paid attention to before a long-term commitment is made, and what behaviors are part of the workings of real relationships and can be forgiven?

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